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About Consumers First!

At SPP Inc. we know life throws challenges at all of us. Which is why we take a compliant, technology driven, personable approach when handling each and every consumer account.

why work with us?

Over 93,960+ Accounts Recovered Compliantly And Counting!

Strategy & Research

We analyze 16 different datapoint from various data vendors to maximize our right party contact and limit unnecessary or wrong party contact points.

Personal & Compliant

Our in-house built call center, and online suite allows our customer service agents to service a large number of consumer accounts and make a personal connection .

Marketing & Target

Utilizing both old and new school contact methods we engage each consumer in a manner that best suites their needs at that time, to ensure we meet their personal needs.

about us

We use our experience to create yours

At SPP we specialize in the effect and efficient receivables management, our company utilizes a technology driven personal approach while servicing each consumer account.

This allows us to properly service a large number of consumer accounts while still keeping the feel of a small manual collection agency approach.

Our in house development team allows us to adapt to the ever changing waters of the debt collection industry. Which means when we handle consumer account we ensure the highest level of compliance, and can quickly adapt to new rules and regulations when necessary. I team strives to use 21st century technology to create a personal approach to handling the debt collection process.


Discover how we make a difference with your consumer debt collections

With our innovative process it's no wonder why more consumers are resolving their accounts in a manner that is compliant, secure and comfortable for the consumer to engage with our office.

The mission here is clear we want each consumer to be ecstatic with resolving their accounts placed with SPP. So they can move on to the next chapter in their life of financial freedom.

Consumer Reports

Don't Take our word for it see what real consumers say about our process?

When I was contacted by SPP I was going through a rough patch in my life but speaking to Samantha was a breath of fresh air, I never in my life though a Debt Collector could be so considerate of my needs.

Sarah James

Dallas TX

The words Debt Collector are usually followed by harsh and negative comments but the team at SPP really helped, and for once listened! I was able to get things back on track while still providing for my family.

Mike Tatum

Hampton GA

We have all been through life's not so perfect moments and I had one while on the phone with an agent from SPP, but instead of getting upset at my nasty comments the agent, considered my needs and really empowered me to overcome.

Lisa Bellucci

Poughkeepsie NY

It Takes A Team With A Winning Attitude To Create This Much Success.

Our award winning consumer service team employees the highest level of compassion and compliance when assisting a consumer in resolving their account.

Gain Control Over Your Finances

We understand debt can be confusing. We understand you have unique circumstances. We understand that you have goals for your future. We’re here to help clear things up and make sure you feel empowered. We also have educational content to help you learn more about debt and credit.

Take the easy street to paying off your delinquent account with one of our flexible payment plans. You get to determine the amount, the frequency, and the dates for your payments.

Working with SPP to resolve your account will be the easiest and best decision to get you back on the road to financial freedom.

Industry Associations

We Are Leaders Of Our Industry And Work With Trusted Industry Regulators And Organizations.